The Pencil Skirt


So currently I’m on a crusade to fill my wardrobe with handmade things for my clinical years of medical school. I decided to start with a wardrobe staple – the pencil skirt. I used Simplicity New Look 6103 as the pattern.

I found this pattern quite fiddly and time-consuming, but I think that’s simply because it’s difficult for me to fit a skirt like this. I have a small waist (around 25.5″) and much rounder hips/butt. I’m also quite tall with longer legs and a shorter torso. I’m basically the quintessential hourglass right here. According to my measurements, I am a size 8 in the waist, 10 in the hipbones and 14 in the true hip. Hurmph.

I altered the pattern but pretty much found I had to pit it to my exact contours, carefully squeeze out of the skirt (avoiding sneaky pins along the way… ouch) and sew in the seams. Then I found where I’d taken the side seam in was a bit pointy, so I had to sew over again, smoothing out the curves.

There was a time when being “too curvy” for a pattern would have really upset me. However, I realised that this sort of skirt is *meant* to be worn by someone like me – who has a butt, some hips and a tiny waist. That’s why they started to add peplums to pencil skirts – to fill out those girls that had none of that bootay.

Here’s the finished product:

IMG_0521 IMG_0522

I used an unusual fabric I found floating around in Spotlight – it’s a heavyweight cotton in a thatched coral/white pattern. Very easy to work with and durable enough to feel like a work skirt. I love this skirt and will definitely wear it, but if I make another one, I will probably use a longer zipper – where this one finishes is right where my tailbone is and kind of makes it look like I have a tail. Never mind. You can’t tell from the photos but this also has a deep pleat in the back.

Tomorrow I will detail the other skirt I made today – a very easy gathered skirt. Stay tuned!

*Photography disclaimer – I am a terrible photographer. I will work on this. Also that is not my bedroom – mine doesn’t have a full length mirror and is much tidier!